Configuring Proxies and Repos

You are required to configure the proxies and repos.

Configure the http proxy in /etc/yum.conf file and also export the same to environment by doing the following.

In /etc/yum.conf, add the following line:

where, <your_proxy> is the proxy server details.

Run the following command to export to the environment:
export http_proxy=<Your_Proxy>
export https_proxy=<Your_Proxy>
Run the following command to enable the required proxies in yum.conf file before upgrade:
curl -O
mv public-yum-ol7.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/public-yum-ol7.repo
yum-config-manager --enable ol7_latest ol7_UEKR4 ol7_developer_EPEL ol7_optional_
latest ol7_addons ol7_UEKR3 ol7_UEKR5 ol7_UEKR6