Types of Locations
Locations identify the physical location of an asset or component. An asset location defines the physical location of where an asset is installed while an out of service location defines the physical location where assets or components are stored.
Refer to About Asset Locations section for information about physical locations where assets are installed.
Assets that are no longer “installed” at a location are considered to be “out of service”. Valid out of service storage locations might be storerooms, warehouses, receiving docks, retirement locations, real estate, vehicles, or any other location as defined by your organization.
Some examples for storage locations include:
A storeroom or repair shop is a location where assets are physically stored. This type of location can be composed of a simple description (‘Central Storage’ or ‘Repair’) but might also have address information.
A real estate location is typically an address or a building name.
A vehicle or "fleet asset" can be configured as a storeroom and as such, can have trackable stock items and their associated tracked assets stored in the vehicle. Vehicle storerooms can be configured using “Truck” as the valid Storeroom Type.