42.8 Alerts

This topic describes the systematic instruction about the Alerts in Account 360 screen. The Alerts widget helps the user view alerts on the account.

  1. On the Account 360 screen, the system displays the alerts of any exceptions, memo, and warnings on the account.
    Account Alert details are displayed.
  2. The alerts widget displays two alerts at a time. If more than 2 alerts are present for the account, the View All button is enabled to the user.
  3. To view all alerts, click on View All button.
    Alerts pop-up window is displayed.
  4. Click Close icon icon on the Alerts pop-up window.
    Alerts pop-up window is closed.
  5. On the Alerts widget, the below details are displayed.
    For more information on fields, refer to the field description table.


    If no alerts are displayed, the system displays the message as No Alerts.

    Table 42-3 Alerts - Field Description

    Alerts Description
    Cheque Stop Payment Displayed if any active stop payment is available on the account. The alert message displays the cheque number, Stop payment date, and stop payment reason.

    For example, Cheque 0002 stopped on Jan 10, 2022 due to an incorrect amount.

    Debit Card Blocked Displayed if any debit card is blocked. The alert message displays the card number and block reason.

    For example, Card XXXXXXXXXXXX1230 is blocked due to a lost card.

    Cheque Rejected Displayed if any cheque clearing is rejected on the account. The alert message displays the Cheque Number, Rejected date, and Reject reason.

    For example, Cheque CHQ00000003023063 Rejected on Jan 15, 2022, due to Insufficient Balance.

    Amount Block Displayed if any active amount is blocked on the account. The alert message displays the Blocked amount, Date, and Block reason details.

    For example, GBP 10,000.00 blocked on Dec 10, 2021, due to legal notice.

    Memo Displayed if any active memo is maintained for the account. The memo message is displayed in the alert.
    Debit Restricted Displayed if any debit restriction is there for the account.
    Credit Restricted Displayed if any credit restriction is there on the account.
    Debit Override Displayed if any debit override is there on the account.
    Credit Override Displayed if any credit override is there on the account.