29 Amount Block

This topic describes the systematic instruction about Amount Block. An amount block is that part of the balance in a customer’s account, which is reserved for a specific purpose.

It can be specified for an account either on the directions of the customer or of that of the bank. When an amount block is set for an account, the balance available for withdrawal is the current balance of the account minus the blocked amount. On the expiry of the period for which the amount block is defined, the system automatically updates the amount block check in the Customer Accounts table.
  1. On the Homepage, from Account Services, under Amount Block, click Amount Block, or specify the Amount Block in the Search icon bar.
    Amount Blockscreen is displayed.


    The fields which are marked in asterisk blue are mandatory.
  2. On the Amount Block screen, specify the fields.
    For more information on fields, refer to the field description table.

    Table 29-1 Amount Block - Field Description

    Field Description
    Account Number Enter the Account Number or click the search icon to view the Account Number pop-up window. By default, this window lists all the Account Numbers present in the system. You can search for a specific Account Number by providing Customer ID, Account Number, or Account Name and clicking on the Fetch button.

    When users enter the account number, the customer information is displayed.

    Account Name Account Name is displayed by default based on the account selected.
    Amount To be Blocked Specify the amount to be blocked. The ISO currency code will be defaulted in this field based on the Account Currency.
    Effective Date The date from which the funds in the account need to be blocked can be specified in the Effective Date field. The effective date is the current date of the Branch and is defaulted. The effective date can be changed to a future date. However, backdating the effective date is not allowed.
    Expiry date The date on which the amount block is to be released can be specified in the Expiry Date field. From this date onwards, the blocked amount will be unlocked and is available for withdrawal to the customer. Block instruction amount cannot be modified after the expiry date. This is an optional input field and can be left blank which would mean that the block would remain on the account for an indefinite period.
    Block Reason Click the search icon to view the Block Code pop-up window. By default, this window lists all the available Block Codes. You can search for a specific Block Reason by providing Block Code or Block Description and clicking on the Fetch button. The available fields on the Block Code Pop-Up window are:
    • Block Code
    • Block Description

    When a Block Reason is selected, the Block Description is automatically populated.

    Narrative The Narrative is defaulted to Amount Block. You can edit the defaulted narrative to a narrative of your choice.