1.5 My Pending Tasks

This topic describes the systematic instruction about My Pending Tasks widget in Dashboard.

My Pending Tasks widget provides the user list of transactions that are in different statuses such as rejected, failed, and incomplete. Users can click on each section of the widget to access the transactions and proceed to complete them.
My Pending Tasks doughnut is classified as follows:
  • Failed
  • Incomplete
  • Rejected
  1. To view the Pending Tasks, hover the mouse on each section of the doughnut.
  2. Click Filter icon to display the transactions based on process name.
    For more information on fields, refer to the field description table.

    Table 1-7 My Pending Tasks-Filter

    Field Description
    Process Name Enter the Process Name or click on the search icon to select the processes available under a particular sub-domain.
  3. Click the Filter button.
    The applied Filters will appear in the band within the widget.
  4. To remove the filters, click Filter icon icon and click the clear button.