10 Online Account Sweep History

This topic describes the systematic instructions about Online Account Sweep History. This screen helps in inquiring about the sweep in and reverse sweep in transactions that have taken place as a result of the customer opting for the Current Account and Savings Account sweep in feature on the primary account.

The system computes the Sweep history details when Savings Accounts, Auto Deposits or Term Deposits are linked to the primary account in ‘Online Account Sweep In’ screen at a customer account level.
  1. On the Homepage, from Account Services, under Inquiry, click Online Account Sweep History, or specify the Online Account Sweep History in the Search icon bar.
    Online Account Sweep Historyscreen is displayed.


    The fields which are marked in asterisk blue are mandatory.

    Figure 10-1 Online Account Sweep History

    Description of Figure 10-1 follows
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  2. On Online Account Sweep History screen, specify the fields.
    For more information on fields, refer to the field description table.

    Table 10-1 Sweep History

    Field Description
    Account Number Enter the Account Number or click the search icon to view the Account Number pop-up window. By default, this window lists all the Account Numbers present in the system. You can search for a specific Account Number by providing Customer ID, Account Number, or Account Name and click Fetch.


    The Account Name is displayed adjacent to this field as the account number is selected.
  3. After input of the account number, the Sweep History details are displayed in a tabular format.
  4. On Sweep History details, users can view the fields.
    For more information on fields, refer to the field description table.

    Table 10-2 Sweep History Details

    Field Description
    Account Number Displays the linked Account Number.
    Branch Displays the branch code for the account number.
    Account Type Displays if the linked account is Savings Account, Auto Deposit or Term Deposit.
    Operation Displays the operation performed on the sweep transaction if it is a Sweep In or Reverse Sweep In transaction.
    Transaction Date Displays the date of sweep in or reverse sweep in transaction.
    Transfer Amount Displays the transfer amount involved in sweep in or reverse sweep in.
  5. View Sweep Setup remains inactive until the account number is input and the Search button is clicked. When users click on the View Sweep Setup, Account Sweep In Definition pop up window is displayed.
  6. In the Account Sweep In Definition screen, users can view the Account Sweep In details. The details are as follows:
    1. Enable Reverse Sweep In
    2. Savings Accounts
    3. Auto Deposits
    4. Term Deposits