2 Deliveroo

Deliveroo is supported with Simphony release 19.2.1 and later. Review the following checklist before you set up Simphony for Deliveroo:
  • Decide on your menu. Deliveroo supports one menu.

  • Decide on a unique tag name for the menu.

  • Plan the list of menu items.

  • Determine menu availability. For example, will the menu be available only on weekdays between specific times?

  • The menu can have multiple categories but must have at least one category. A category is a group of similar menu items. For example, you can have a lunch menu with categories for salads, sandwiches, and desserts.

    In Simphony, a category corresponds to a SLU. Each category needs its own SLU.


    Deliveroo supports a maximum of 100 SLUs.
  • Decide on an image to display for the menu. This is required. You can upload the menu image to the Oracle Object Store through a dummy menu item.

  • Consider the following characteristics of each menu item:

    • Customer-facing menu item name


      Deliveroo menu sync does not accept menu item names which contain fewer than two characters. This can cause issues when using the Chinese language.
    • Customer-facing menu item description

    • Menu item image that meets the following specifications:

      • JPEG or PNG file format

      • Pixel size of 1920 x 1080

      • Aspect ratio of 16:9

    • Menu item price

    • Allergen classes