7 Uber Eats/Postmates

Uber Eats/Postmates is supported with Simphony release 19.2.1 and later.

Postmates accounts can be used interchangeably with Uber Eats accounts to activate stores. You can use your Postmates login to integrate stores with Simphony.

Review the following checklist before you set up Simphony for Uber Eats/Postmates:
  • Decide on your menus. Uber Eats supports multiple menus.

  • Decide on unique tag names for each menu.

  • Plan the list of menu items. A menu item can be part of multiple menus.

  • Determine the availability for each menu. For example, is one menu available for part of the day and another menu is available for another part of the same day?

  • The menu can have multiple categories but must have at least one category. A category is a group of similar menu items. For example, you can have a lunch menu with categories for salads, sandwiches, and desserts.

    In Simphony, a category corresponds to a SLU. Each category needs its own SLU.

  • Decide on an image to display for the menu. This is optional.

  • Consider the following characteristics of each menu item:

    • Customer-facing menu item name

    • Customer-facing menu item description

    • Menu item image that meets the following specifications:

      • JPEG or PNG file format

      • JPEG file size less than 1 MB

      • JPEG width and height minimum of 320px and a maximum of 1800px

      • PNG width and height minimum of 350px and a maximum of 1800px

    • Menu item price

    • Nutrient information