Configure Permissions for Log or Application Files and Folders

You must assign the Oracle Argus Safety domain user (safety_user) the proper read, modify, and execute permissions for the following folders and files:

  • C:Windows\AI.ini
  • C:Windows\ArgusSecureKey.ini
  • C:\Temp
  • Insight_Installation_Directory\ArgusInsight\Bin\Log
  • Insight_Installation_Directory\ArgusInsight\CacheTemp
  • Insight_Installation_Directory\ArgusInsight\PDFReports
  • Insight_Installation_Directory\ArgusInsight\Upload

To configure the permissions:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate file or folder, and right-click.
  2. In the Permissions dialog box, select a group or user name.
  3. Select the Allow check box for the following permissions:
    • Modify
    • Read & execute
    • Read


    Do not provide Full control for any of these folders or files.
  4. Click OK to save the changes.
  5. Repeat the process for the other files and folders.