Alternate browser compatibility (Enhancement 28581643)

Oracle Argus Safety has been enhanced to support the following alternate modern browsers instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer IE 11:
  • Google Chrome version 84.0.4147.135 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium based) version 84.0.522.52 (Official build) (64-bit)

Functional updates

The following are the functional updates to support cross-browser compatibility:
  • Spell check: With alternate browser support, we are now able to leverage enhanced build-in capabilities for spell checks. Argus web application now supports the spell check feature as supported by the browsers rather than limiting to few screens. The spell check feature is available in all multi-line text fields provided by built-in capability of the browser. Hence, the spell check buttons are removed from the Oracle Argus case processing screens.
  • Button to minimize/maximize/close: In modern browsers, the minimize, maximize, or cross buttons are not available in the pop-up screens. To enable user to close the pop-up screens in Oracle Argus, the Close button is added wherever it was not available. Now, you can close the window using the Close button instead of the cross button (X). Alternatively, you can you the Esc button to close the window. Examples of the pop-up screens with the Close button: ICSR Pending > Selective Acceptance screen, ICSR Pending > Duplicate Search screen.
  • IME (Input Method Editor) mode: In modern browsers, the setting of IME mode has been deprecated. Due to this, the common profile switch in Console > Common profile switch > Argus J > Enable half-width Alphanumeric characters forced input for Alphanumeric only fields is removed.
UI updates
  • Drop-down fields: In the modern browsers, the drop-down list of values appear with padding between values to enable easy use of the touch screen.
  • Text boxes: Textbox does not have cross in text box to clear the data. This is a feature change in the modern browsers.
  • ICSR Viewer (Formatting): In the modern browsers, XML and HL7 views display as plain text without coloring and formatting. There is no option to expand or collapse the structure.
  • Auto resizing of windows: In the modern browsers, the size of the parent window or window with tabs is fixed. Due to this, the attachment is open in new tab/new window.


      • Case Form > Analysis > Attachment > Open, the attachment is opened as a new tab in modern browsers
    • Worklist > Case Intake > Create New Case, the PDF file is opened as a new window in modern browsers

      You can use window key + left arrow/right arrow to resize the parent window.

  • Emojis: Using Emojis is not supported in Oracle Argus data entry. If used, it would lead to corruption of data entered.
  • Autofill password: If the password save option is enabled in modern browsers, Oracle Argus Safety allows to select a saved password during the login. When you type the username, the Password field displays the hidden password for the selection and you can log in without actually typing the password.
  • File path display: Due to security reasons in the modern browsers, file upload does not allow to fetch complete file path from the client machine, and only file name appears in the selected textbox. Whereas in IE, the complete file path from the client machine appeared.
  • Display of visited link: In IE, when you click a hyperlink (for example, Draft or Final in the Case Form > Regulatory reports tab), the link would change to the visited link color. The modern browsers do not support this feature, the visited link does not change color for the security reasons.
  • Resize title field in Literary Citation: The Title field in Console > Codelist > Literary Citation is changed from multi-line text field to a single line text field in both English and Japanese UI.
  • Refresh application window: The modern browsers do not allow any customization for default behavior to refresh the window due to security reasons. It is recommended to use the Logout button for proper closure of the application. If the application is refreshed or closed abruptly, then it is recommended to save the data, and close all the Oracle Argus windows.
  • Oracle Argus Japan split screen: It is recommended to use wider screens when you use vertical split screen for Japanese or English view.