Sending reporter-related elements and Protect confidentiality check box is marked (Enhancement 29745574)

When you submit an ICSR to EMA with multiple reporters data and if data is missing for all of the elements REPORTERFAMILYNAME, REPORTERORGANIZATION, REPORTERPOSTCODE, and REPORTERCOUNTRY elements for a non-primary reporter, you get a Negative Acknowledgment: "At least one of these elements must contain a value: REPORTERFAMILYNAME, REPORTERORGANIZATION, REPORTERPOSTCODE, REPORTERCOUNTRY."

Mapping rules are now enhanced, such that REPORTERCOUNTRYR3 [C.2.r.3] is populated, even when the Protect confidentiality check box is marked. Additionally, new validation is provided to check if at least any one of the elements is present with a valid value in all the reporters included in ICSR REPORTERFAMILYNAME [C.2.r.1.4], REPORTERORGANIZATION [C.2.r.2.1], REPORTERPOSTCODE [C.2.r.2.6], and REPORTERCOUNTRY [C.2.r.3].

For more information, refer to the ArgusInterchange823_E2B (R3) Export Mappings.xlsx.