Create a data visualization

In Oracle Clinical One Analytics, you can visualize Oracle Clinical One Platform clinical data and add your visualizations into a dashboard that can be shared with analysts and statisticians on your study team.

Now that you have selected a dataset to work with, it is time you build a visualization.

Want to see how to perform this task? Watch the video below.

This procedure takes you through the high-level steps for performing this task. Many of the steps required for this task depend on a multitude of things, including the purpose of your visualization. For more information, see Build a visualization.

  1. From the Data Elements pane, expand a folder, and then drag and drop one or more data elements onto the Visualize canvas.
  2. Continue dragging and dropping data elements onto the Grammar Panel, as needed.
    The Grammar Panel contains sections that you can customize by associating with various data elements.
  3. After including all of your required data elements, you can edit the visualization, including its colors, shapes, add filters, rename the visualization, or even its data elements, to give them user-friendly names.
  4. After you are done with defining the details of your visualization, click Save or Save As, to save your work.
  5. In the Save Project dialog, enter a name and a description for your custom report or visualization, and select a folder where you can save your work. You can either save it for personal use in My Folders or share it in Shared Folders.