Get started as a system administrator

For a developer to make API calls, an Oracle Health Sciences IAMS customer-delegated administrator (CDA) must provision what is known as a client ID. This client ID will serve to authenticate the Oracle Clinical One Platform API calls.

The customer-delegated administrator must also create an Oracle Health Sciences IAMS user account that corresponds to the client ID. The Oracle Health Sciences IAMS user account will be associated with roles in Oracle Clinical Platform One which will ultimately serve to authorize the appropriate access to the user.

Follow the prerequisites and steps below to get started:


  • Have the Oracle Health Sciences IAMS Admin Console URL handy. You may have it bookmarked already from when first accessing Oracle Health Sciences IAMS as part of your onboarding into Oracle Clinical One Platform.

    For more details, see Oracle Health Sciences IAMS Bookmarks.

    Alternatively, you can locate it on the welcome email that you received from Oracle when your Oracle Clinical One Platform customer-delegated administrator account was created.

  • Reach out to your Oracle project manager to obtain the Oracle Health Sciences IAMS oAuth Admin Console URL (note that the oAuth URL is different from the one mentioned above). You will need this URL to create a client ID.