ODM Extract

This topic describes the permissions included in the ODM Extract (template) study role in the application. This template study role is available for all studies in your organization. You can copy the study role and customize it for each individual study you work in.

Permissions given ODM Extract (template) based on their responsibilities


To see an overview of all permissions that can be included in study roles, see the View Permissions window in the application.

Table 8-5 ODM Extract (template) study role

Category Permissions assigned

Data Extract

  • Execute ODM Clinical Data API with Hidden Data
  • Execute ODM Clinical Data API without Hidden Data
  • Execute ODM Metadata API
  • Execute ODM Administrative Data API


If the Hidden Data permission was selected, this user must also receive the View permission on each of the types of hidden data such as: Adjudication, Blinded, PII, Public Data, or Sponsor Data. For more information on data classification for a study role, see Specify data classifications for a study role.
  • Schedule Reports to Run