Prerequisites to create accounts

You (as a delegated administrator at your organization) must complete some tasks before creating Oracle Health Sciences single sign-on (SSO) accounts. You only need to complete each task once. Then you can start creating accounts for users who need to access Oracle Clinical One Platform to create clinical studies and Oracle Clinical One Digital Gateway to manage integrations.


Do not perform these prerequisite tasks if you only need to create training studies for other products such as Oracle InForm, Oracle Central Designer, Oracle Central Coding, Oracle IRT, or Oracle InForm User Management Tool. Training studies do not require another person to approve requests when assigning roles to user accounts.
Order Task Product Used


Specify a password for Support Cloud

Support Cloud


Request the Approver role

Support Cloud


Create an Oracle SSO for the Approver

Oracle Health IAMS


Assign the Approver role

Oracle Health IAMS


Activate approval for roles

Oracle Health IAMS


Publish the roles

Oracle Health IAMS