Unblinded Depot User

This topic describes the permissions included in the Unblinded Depot User (template) study role in the application. This template study role is available for all studies in your organization. You can copy the study role and customize it for each individual study you work in.

Permissions given to an unblinded depot user based on their responsibilities


To see an overview of all permissions that can be included in study roles, see the View Permissions window in the application.

Table 8-15 Unblinded Depot User (template) study role

Category Permissions assigned

Inventory Management

  • Create Manual Shipments
  • Create Shipments to Depots
  • Receive New Shipments at the Depot
  • Receive and Reconcile Shipments at the Depot
  • View Shipments to Sites
  • View Site Inventory
  • View Unblinded Pharmacist Kits


  • Receive Notification of Depot Shipments
  • Receive Notification of Shipments
  • Receive Site has been Updated Notification


  • Schedule Reports to Run
  • Run the Blinded Inventory Report
  • Run the Kit Reconciliation Report
  • Run the Order Summary Report

Study Setup

  • View Supply Settings, Blinded Groups, Label Groups, and Resupply Strategies

Unblinded Study Management

  • Manage Study Inventory for Unblinded Users