Retail Allocation Cloud Service 23.1.301.0

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A retailer's most important asset is its inventory. Oracle Retail Allocation Cloud Service helps retailers determine the inventory requirements at the item, store, and week level using real-time inventory information. The system calculates individual store need based on parameters you set - whether it's the characteristics of the product, the store, or the category. The result is an allocation tailored to each store's unique needs.

Oracle Retail Allocation Cloud Service allows you to allocate either in advance of the order's arrival or at the last minute to leverage real-time sales and inventory information. And when you do allocate, the system provides you the flexibility of basing your allocation on different methods such as: merchandise plans, sales history, corporate rule, or a demand forecast.

Note: Hot Fix Release Notes and Reference Papers are available on My Oracle Support (DocID: 1585843.1).

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