Retail Supplier Evaluation Cloud Service 22.1.301.0

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Oracle Retail Supplier Evaluation Cloud Service is a collaborative cloud service for the on-boarding and evaluation of Merchandising suppliers, enabling the assessment and governance of ethical, environmental, safety, and quality performance. It manages the selection of suppliers against Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), brand standards, and governance policies, incorporating supplier self-certification survey and assessment, audit and action management, vendor performance, and incident alert notifications. Oracle Retail Supplier Evaluation Cloud Service is composed of the following modules:

  • Library enables the issue, receipt, and acceptance of policies, guidelines, and key working documents.
  • Process supports the development of process briefs, plans, and workflow management.
  • Supplier enables the identification, selection, and approval of suppliers.
  • Reports provides a reporting tool for reporting across the system, using standard templates and custom reports.

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