Class LoaderContext

  • public class LoaderContext
    extends Object
    The heart of the loading process. Manages a pool of reusable byte buffers to load chunks in. Collects all loaded chunks and combines them to a FlightRecording.
    • Constructor Detail

      • LoaderContext

        public LoaderContext​(List<? extends IParserExtension> extensions,
                             boolean hideExperimentals)
    • Method Detail

      • hideExperimentals

        public boolean hideExperimentals()
      • getValueInterpretation

        public String getValueInterpretation​(String eventTypeId,
                                             String fieldId)
      • constantRead

        public Object constantRead​(long constantIndex,
                                   Object constant,
                                   String eventTypeId)
      • addChunkRange

        public void addChunkRange​(IRange<IQuantity> chunkRange)
      • incChunkCount

        public void incChunkCount()
      • updateEventStats

        public void updateEventStats​(String eventTypeName,
                                     long size)
      • setVersion

        public void setVersion​(short majorVersion,
                               short minorVersion)
      • setSkippedEventCount

        public void setSkippedEventCount​(long skippedEventCount)
      • addEntryPoolSize

        public void addEntryPoolSize​(String typeIdentifier,
                                     long size)
      • addConstantPoolExtensions

        public void addConstantPoolExtensions()