4 JDK Mission Control Application GUI

When you first start the JMC application, a number of views open by default.

You can open the Window menu, select Show View and then Other to open a window that lists all available views. Select the necessary views and click OK to open them. The following views are available:

  • JVM Browser: Lists all the JVM instances running locally (on the host) and JVMs discovered on the network. The JVM Browser can be viewed in two different modes: as a flat list, and as a tree (visible by default).

  • Outline: Shows the data collected in a Flight Recording. It organizes and presents flight recording data as pages in a tree for easy navigation (visible by default).

  • Progress View: Displays the progress of running operations, for example, a flight recording.

  • Properties: Lists the properties of items that you select in tables, including hidden properties that are not displayed in the tables (visible by default).

  • Results: Displays a list of rules with their corresponding scores (visible by default). It also shows the results from the automated analysis relevant to the currently opened page in the editor.

  • Stack Trace: Displays stack traces for the recorded events (visible by default).

You can rearrange these views by dragging and dropping them to the desired location. You can also maximize and minimize the views.