Module java.desktop
Package java.awt

Class TexturePaint

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Paint, Transparency

    public class TexturePaint
    extends Object
    implements Paint
    The TexturePaint class provides a way to fill a Shape with a texture that is specified as a BufferedImage. The size of the BufferedImage object should be small because the BufferedImage data is copied by the TexturePaint object. At construction time, the texture is anchored to the upper left corner of a Rectangle2D that is specified in user space. Texture is computed for locations in the device space by conceptually replicating the specified Rectangle2D infinitely in all directions in user space and mapping the BufferedImage to each replicated Rectangle2D.
    See Also:
    Paint, Graphics2D.setPaint(java.awt.Paint)
    • Constructor Detail

      • TexturePaint

        public TexturePaint​(BufferedImage txtr,
                            Rectangle2D anchor)
        Constructs a TexturePaint object.
        txtr - the BufferedImage object with the texture used for painting
        anchor - the Rectangle2D in user space used to anchor and replicate the texture
    • Method Detail

      • getImage

        public BufferedImage getImage()
        Returns the BufferedImage texture used to fill the shapes.
        a BufferedImage.
      • getAnchorRect

        public Rectangle2D getAnchorRect()
        Returns a copy of the anchor rectangle which positions and sizes the textured image.
        the Rectangle2D used to anchor and size this TexturePaint.
      • getTransparency

        public int getTransparency()
        Returns the transparency mode for this TexturePaint.
        Specified by:
        getTransparency in interface Transparency
        the transparency mode for this TexturePaint as an integer value.
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