Module java.desktop
Package java.awt.font

Class TextLayout.CaretPolicy

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class TextLayout.CaretPolicy
    extends Object
    Defines a policy for determining the strong caret location. This class contains one method, getStrongCaret, which is used to specify the policy that determines the strong caret in dual-caret text. The strong caret is used to move the caret to the left or right. Instances of this class can be passed to getCaretShapes, getNextLeftHit and getNextRightHit to customize strong caret selection.

    To specify alternate caret policies, subclass CaretPolicy and override getStrongCaret. getStrongCaret should inspect the two TextHitInfo arguments and choose one of them as the strong caret.

    Most clients do not need to use this class.

    • Constructor Detail

      • CaretPolicy

        public CaretPolicy()
        Constructs a CaretPolicy.
    • Method Detail

      • getStrongCaret

        public TextHitInfo getStrongCaret​(TextHitInfo hit1,
                                          TextHitInfo hit2,
                                          TextLayout layout)
        Chooses one of the specified TextHitInfo instances as a strong caret in the specified TextLayout.
        hit1 - a valid hit in layout
        hit2 - a valid hit in layout
        layout - the TextLayout in which hit1 and hit2 are used
        hit1 or hit2 (or an equivalent TextHitInfo), indicating the strong caret.