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Class MidiUnavailableException

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    public class MidiUnavailableException
    extends Exception
    A MidiUnavailableException is thrown when a requested MIDI component cannot be opened or created because it is unavailable. This often occurs when a device is in use by another application. More generally, it can occur when there is a finite number of a certain kind of resource that can be used for some purpose, and all of them are already in use (perhaps all by this application). For an example of the latter case, see the setReceiver method of Transmitter.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • MidiUnavailableException

        public MidiUnavailableException()
        Constructs a MidiUnavailableException that has null as its error detail message.
      • MidiUnavailableException

        public MidiUnavailableException​(String message)
        Constructs a MidiUnavailableException with the specified detail message.
        message - the string to display as an error detail message