Interface RMIConnection

  • All Superinterfaces:
    AutoCloseable, Closeable, Remote
    All Known Implementing Classes:
    RMIConnectionImpl, RMIConnectionImpl_Stub

    public interface RMIConnection
    extends Closeable, Remote

    RMI object used to forward an MBeanServer request from a client to its MBeanServer implementation on the server side. There is one Remote object implementing this interface for each remote client connected to an RMI connector.

    User code does not usually refer to this interface. It is specified as part of the public API so that different implementations of that API will interoperate.

    To ensure that client parameters will be deserialized at the server side with the correct classloader, client parameters such as parameters used to invoke a method are wrapped in a MarshalledObject. An implementation of this interface must first get the appropriate class loader for the operation and its target, then deserialize the marshalled parameters with this classloader. Except as noted, a parameter that is a MarshalledObject or MarshalledObject[] must not be null; the behavior is unspecified if it is.

    Class loading aspects are detailed in the JMX Specification, version 1.4

    Most methods in this interface parallel methods in the MBeanServerConnection interface. Where an aspect of the behavior of a method is not specified here, it is the same as in the corresponding MBeanServerConnection method.