Interface JMXConnectorProvider

  • public interface JMXConnectorProvider

    A provider for creating JMX API connector clients using a given protocol. Instances of this interface are created by JMXConnectorFactory as part of its newJMXConnector method.

    • Method Detail

      • newJMXConnector

        JMXConnector newJMXConnector​(JMXServiceURL serviceURL,
                                     Map<String,​?> environment)
                              throws IOException

        Creates a new connector client that is ready to connect to the connector server at the given address. Each successful call to this method produces a different JMXConnector object.

        serviceURL - the address of the connector server to connect to.
        environment - a read-only Map containing named attributes to determine how the connection is made. Keys in this map must be Strings. The appropriate type of each associated value depends on the attribute.
        a JMXConnector representing the new connector client. Each successful call to this method produces a different object.
        NullPointerException - if serviceURL or environment is null.
        IOException - It is recommended for a provider implementation to throw MalformedURLException if the protocol in the serviceURL is not recognized by this provider, JMXProviderException if this is a provider for the protocol in serviceURL but it cannot be used for some reason or any other IOException if the connection cannot be made because of a communication problem.