Module java.rmi

Package java.rmi.server

Provides classes and interfaces for supporting the server side of RMI. A group of classes are used by the stubs and skeletons generated by the rmic stub compiler. Another group of classes implements the RMI Transport protocol and HTTP tunneling.

Deprecated: HTTP Tunneling. The HTTP tunneling mechanism has been deprecated. See RMISocketFactory for further information.

Deprecated: Skeletons and Static Stubs. Skeletons and statically generated stubs are deprecated. This includes the APIs in this package that require the use of skeletons or static stubs, the runtime support for them, and the use of the rmic stub compiler to generate them. Support for skeletons and static stubs may be removed in a future release of the platform. Skeletons are unnecessary, as server-side method dispatching is handled directly by the RMI runtime. Statically generated stubs are unnecessary, as stubs are generated dynamically using Proxy objects. See UnicastRemoteObject for information about dynamic stub generation. Generation of skeletons and static stubs was typically performed as part of an application's build process by calling the rmic tool. This is unnecessary, and calls to rmic can simply be omitted.