Interface XMLSignature.SignatureValue

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    public static interface XMLSignature.SignatureValue
    extends XMLStructure
    A representation of the XML SignatureValue element as defined in the W3C Recommendation for XML-Signature Syntax and Processing. The XML Schema Definition is defined as:
       <element name="SignatureValue" type="ds:SignatureValueType"/>
         <complexType name="SignatureValueType">
             <extension base="base64Binary">
               <attribute name="Id" type="ID" use="optional"/>
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      • getId

        String getId()
        Returns the optional Id attribute of this SignatureValue, which permits this element to be referenced from elsewhere.
        the Id attribute (may be null if not specified)
      • getValue

        byte[] getValue()
        Returns the signature value of this SignatureValue.
        the signature value (may be null if the XMLSignature has not been signed yet). Each invocation of this method returns a new clone of the array to prevent subsequent modification.
      • validate

        boolean validate​(XMLValidateContext validateContext)
                  throws XMLSignatureException
        Validates the signature value. This method performs a cryptographic validation of the signature calculated over the SignedInfo of the XMLSignature.

        This method only validates the signature the first time it is invoked. On subsequent invocations, it returns a cached result.

        validateContext - the validating context
        true if the signature was validated successfully; false otherwise
        NullPointerException - if validateContext is null
        XMLSignatureException - if an unexpected exception occurs while validating the signature