Module jdk.jdi
Package com.sun.jdi

Interface ArrayType

    • Method Detail

      • newInstance

        ArrayReference newInstance​(int length)
        Creates a new instance of this array class in the target VM. The array is created with the given length and each component is initialized to is standard default value.
        length - the number of components in the new array
        the newly created ArrayReference mirroring the new object in the target VM.
        VMCannotBeModifiedException - if the VirtualMachine is read-only - see VirtualMachine.canBeModified().
      • componentSignature

        String componentSignature()
        Gets the JNI signature of the components of this array class. The signature describes the declared type of the components. If the components are objects, their actual type in a particular run-time context may be a subclass of the declared class.
        a string containing the JNI signature of array components.
      • componentTypeName

        String componentTypeName()
        Returns a text representation of the component type of this array.
        a text representation of the component type.
      • componentType

        Type componentType()
                    throws ClassNotLoadedException
        Returns the component type of this array, as specified in the array declaration.

        Note: The component type of a array will always be created or loaded before the array - see The Java™ Virtual Machine Specification, section 5.3.3 - Creating Array Classes. However, although the component type will be loaded it may not yet be prepared, in which case the type will be returned but attempts to perform some operations on the returned type (e.g. fields()) will throw a ClassNotPreparedException. Use ReferenceType.isPrepared() to determine if a reference type is prepared.

        the Type of this array's components.
        See Also:
        Type, Field.type() - for usage examples