Module jdk.jshell
Package jdk.jshell

Interface SourceCodeAnalysis.CompletionInfo

  • Enclosing class:

    public static interface SourceCodeAnalysis.CompletionInfo
    The result of analyzeCompletion(String input). Describes the completeness of the first snippet in the given input.
    • Method Detail

      • completeness

        SourceCodeAnalysis.Completeness completeness()
        The analyzed completeness of the input.
        an enum describing the completeness of the input string.
      • remaining

        String remaining()
        Input remaining after the complete part of the source.
        the portion of the input string that remains after the complete Snippet
      • source

        String source()
        Source code for the first Snippet of code input. For example, first statement, or first method declaration. Trailing semicolons will be added, as needed.
        the source of the first encountered Snippet