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Standard interfaces and base classes for JDBC RowSet implementations.
  • Uses of CachedRowSet in javax.sql.rowset

    Subinterfaces of CachedRowSet in javax.sql.rowset 
    Modifier and Type Interface Description
    interface  FilteredRowSet
    The standard interface that all standard implementations of FilteredRowSet must implement.
    interface  JoinRowSet
    The JoinRowSet interface provides a mechanism for combining related data from different RowSet objects into one JoinRowSet object, which represents an SQL JOIN.
    interface  WebRowSet
    The standard interface that all implementations of a WebRowSet must implement.
    Methods in javax.sql.rowset that return CachedRowSet 
    Modifier and Type Method Description
    CachedRowSet RowSetFactory.createCachedRowSet()
    Creates a new instance of a CachedRowSet.
    CachedRowSet CachedRowSet.createCopy()
    Creates a RowSet object that is a deep copy of the data in this CachedRowSet object.
    CachedRowSet CachedRowSet.createCopyNoConstraints()
    Creates a CachedRowSet object that is a deep copy of this CachedRowSet object's data but is independent of it.
    CachedRowSet CachedRowSet.createCopySchema()
    Creates a CachedRowSet object that is an empty copy of this CachedRowSet object.
    CachedRowSet JoinRowSet.toCachedRowSet()
    Creates a new CachedRowSet object containing the data in this JoinRowSet object, which can be saved to a data source using the SyncProvider object for the CachedRowSet object.