Module jdk.jartool

Class ContentSigner


public abstract class ContentSigner
extends Object
This class has been deprecated.
This class defines a content signing service. Implementations must be instantiable using a zero-argument constructor.
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    • generateSignedData

      public abstract byte[] generateSignedData​(ContentSignerParameters parameters, boolean omitContent, boolean applyTimestamp) throws NoSuchAlgorithmException, CertificateException, IOException
      Generates a PKCS #7 signed data message. This method is used when the signature has already been generated. The signature, the signer's details, and optionally a signature timestamp and the content that was signed, are all packaged into a signed data message.
      parameters - The non-null input parameters.
      omitContent - true if the content should be omitted from the signed data message. Otherwise the content is included.
      applyTimestamp - true if the signature should be timestamped. Otherwise timestamping is not performed.
      A PKCS #7 signed data message.
      NoSuchAlgorithmException - The exception is thrown if the signature algorithm is unrecognised.
      CertificateException - The exception is thrown if an error occurs while processing the signer's certificate or the TSA's certificate.
      IOException - The exception is thrown if an error occurs while generating the signature timestamp or while generating the signed data message.
      NullPointerException - The exception is thrown if parameters is null.