Class NetworkPermission

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Guard

public final class NetworkPermission
extends BasicPermission
Represents permission to access the extended networking capabilities defined in the package. These permissions contain a target name, but no actions list. Callers either possess the permission or not.

The following targets are defined:

permission target name, what the target allows,and associated risks
Permission Target Name What the Permission Allows Risks of Allowing this Permission
setOption.SO_FLOW_SLA set the SO_FLOW_SLA option on any socket that supports it allows caller to set a higher priority or bandwidth allocation to sockets it creates, than they might otherwise be allowed.
getOption.SO_FLOW_SLA retrieve the SO_FLOW_SLA setting from any socket that supports the option allows caller access to SLA information that it might not otherwise have

See Also:
ExtendedSocketOptions, Serialized Form