Module java.desktop
Package java.awt

Class PrintJob


public abstract class PrintJob
extends Object
An abstract class which initiates and executes a print job. It provides access to a print graphics object which renders to an appropriate print device.
See Also:
Toolkit.getPrintJob(java.awt.Frame, java.lang.String, java.util.Properties)
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    • getGraphics

      public abstract Graphics getGraphics()
      Gets a Graphics object that will draw to the next page. The page is sent to the printer when the graphics object is disposed. This graphics object will also implement the PrintGraphics interface.
      the graphics context for printing the next page
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    • getPageDimension

      public abstract Dimension getPageDimension()
      Returns the dimensions of the page in pixels. The resolution of the page is chosen so that it is similar to the screen resolution.
      the page dimension
    • getPageResolution

      public abstract int getPageResolution()
      Returns the resolution of the page in pixels per inch. Note that this doesn't have to correspond to the physical resolution of the printer.
      the page resolution
    • lastPageFirst

      public abstract boolean lastPageFirst()
      Returns true if the last page will be printed first.
      true if the last page will be printed first; otherwise false
    • end

      public abstract void end()
      Ends the print job and does any necessary cleanup.
    • finalize

      @Deprecated(since="9") public void finalize()
      The finalize method has been deprecated. Subclasses that override finalize in order to perform cleanup should be modified to use alternative cleanup mechanisms and to remove the overriding finalize method. When overriding the finalize method, its implementation must explicitly ensure that super.finalize() is invoked as described in Object.finalize(). See the specification for Object.finalize() for further information about migration options.
      Ends this print job once it is no longer referenced.
      finalize in class Object
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