7 Java Generic Security Services (Java GSS-API)

Java Generic Security Services (Java GSS-API) is used for securely exchanging messages between communicating applications.

Introduction to JAAS and Java GSS-API Tutorials is a series of tutorials demonstrating various aspects of the use of Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) and Java GSS-API.

Single Sign-on Using Kerberos in Java discusses how to use Single Sign-On based on the Kerberos V5 protocol.

Advanced Security Programming in Java SE Authentication, Secure Communication and Single Sign-On shows you how to use the Java SE GSS APIs to build applications that authenticate their users, communicate securely with other applications and services, and configure your applications in a Kerberos environment to achieve Single Sign-On.

The Kerberos 5 GSS-API Mechanism describes and lists security features regarding Java Generic Security Services (Java GSS) for Kerberos 5.