The jaccesswalker Command


jaccesswalker - navigate through the component trees in a particular Java Virtual Machine and present the hierarchy in a tree view


You select a node in the tree, and from the Panels menu, you select Accessibility API Panel. The jaccesswalker tool shows you the accessibility information for the object in the window.

Running the jaccesswalker Tool

To use jaccesswalker, launch the jaccesswalker tool after launching a Java application. For example, to launch jaccesswalker, enter the following command:


JAVA_HOME is an environment variable and should be set to the path of the JDK or JRE, such as, c:\Program Files\Java\jdk-10.


You now have two windows open: The Java application window, and the window for the jaccesswalker tool. There are two tasks that you can do with jaccesswalker . You can build a tree view of the Java applications' GUI hierarchy, and you can query the Java Accessibility API information of a particular element in the GUI hierarchy.

Building the GUI Hierarchy

From the File menu, select Refresh Tree menu. The jaccesswalker tool builds a list of the top-level windows belonging to Java applications. The tool then recursively queries the elements in those windows, and builds a tree of all of the GUI components in all of the Java applications in all of the JVMs running in the system.

Examining a GUI Component

After a GUI tree is built, you can view detailed accessibility information about an individual GUI component by selecting it in the tree, then selecting Panels, and then Display Accessibility Information.