Module java.base

Interface Addressable

All Known Subinterfaces:
MemoryAddressPREVIEW, MemorySegmentPREVIEW, VaListPREVIEW

public sealed interface Addressable permits MemorySegmentPREVIEW, MemoryAddressPREVIEW, VaListPREVIEW
Addressable is a preview API of the Java platform.
Programs can only use Addressable when preview features are enabled.
Preview features may be removed in a future release, or upgraded to permanent features of the Java platform.
An object that may be projected down to a memory address. Examples of addressable types are MemorySegmentPREVIEW, MemoryAddressPREVIEW and VaListPREVIEW.

The AddressablePREVIEW type is used by a linkerPREVIEW to model the types of downcall handlePREVIEW parameters that must be passed by reference (e.g. memory addresses, variable argument lists and upcall stubs).