Module java.desktop

Package javax.sound.midi.spi

package javax.sound.midi.spi
Supplies interfaces for service providers to implement when offering new MIDI devices, MIDI file readers and writers, or sound bank readers. For more information on using Java Sound see: Please note: In the javax.sound.midi.spi APIs, a null reference parameter to methods is incorrect unless explicitly documented on the method as having a meaningful interpretation. Usage to the contrary is incorrect coding and may result in a run time exception either immediately or at some later time. NullPointerException is an example of typical and acceptable run time exception for such cases.
  • Classes
    A MidiDeviceProvider is a factory or provider for a particular type of MIDI device.
    A MidiFileReader supplies MIDI file-reading services.
    A MidiFileWriter supplies MIDI file-writing services.
    A SoundbankReader supplies soundbank file-reading services.