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public interface X509IssuerSerial extends XMLStructure
A representation of the XML X509IssuerSerial element as defined in the W3C Recommendation for XML-Signature Syntax and Processing. An X509IssuerSerial object contains an X.509 issuer distinguished name (DN) and serial number pair. The XML schema definition is defined as:
   <element name="X509IssuerSerial" type="ds:X509IssuerSerialType"/>
   <complexType name="X509IssuerSerialType">
       <element name="X509IssuerName" type="string"/>
       <element name="X509SerialNumber" type="integer"/>
An X509IssuerSerial instance may be created by invoking the newX509IssuerSerial method of the KeyInfoFactory class, and passing it a String and BigInteger representing the X.500 DN and serial number. Here is an example of creating an X509IssuerSerial from the issuer DN and serial number of an existing X509Certificate:
 KeyInfoFactory factory = KeyInfoFactory.getInstance("DOM");
 X509IssuerSerial issuer = factory.newX509IssuerSerial
     (cert.getIssuerX500Principal().getName(), cert.getSerialNumber());
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  • Method Details

    • getIssuerName

      String getIssuerName()
      Returns the X.500 distinguished name of this X509IssuerSerial in RFC 2253 String format.
      the X.500 distinguished name in RFC 2253 String format (never null)
    • getSerialNumber

      BigInteger getSerialNumber()
      Returns the serial number of this X509IssuerSerial.
      the serial number (never null)