Module java.base

Interface LoadableConstantEntry

All Superinterfaces:
ClassFileElementPREVIEW, PoolEntryPREVIEW, WritableElementPREVIEW<PoolEntryPREVIEW>
All Known Subinterfaces:
ClassEntryPREVIEW, ConstantDynamicEntryPREVIEW, ConstantValueEntryPREVIEW, DoubleEntryPREVIEW, FloatEntryPREVIEW, IntegerEntryPREVIEW, LongEntryPREVIEW, MethodHandleEntryPREVIEW, MethodTypeEntryPREVIEW, StringEntryPREVIEW

LoadableConstantEntry is a preview API of the Java platform.
Programs can only use LoadableConstantEntry when preview features are enabled.
Preview features may be removed in a future release, or upgraded to permanent features of the Java platform.
Marker interface for constant pool entries suitable for loading via the LDC instructions.
Sealed Class Hierarchy Graph:
Sealed class hierarchy graph for LoadableConstantEntrySealed class hierarchy graph for LoadableConstantEntry