Module java.base

Class BasicPermission

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Guard
Direct Known Subclasses:
AttachPermission, AudioPermission, AuthPermission, AWTPermission, DelegationPermission, FlightRecorderPermission, InquireSecContextPermission, JDIPermission, LinkPermission, LoggingPermission, ManagementPermission, MBeanServerPermission, MBeanTrustPermission, NetPermission, NetworkPermission, PropertyPermission, ReflectPermission, RuntimePermission, SecurityPermission, SerializablePermission, SQLPermission, SSLPermission, SubjectDelegationPermission

public abstract class BasicPermission extends Permission implements Serializable
The BasicPermission class extends the Permission class, and can be used as the base class for permissions that want to follow the same naming convention as BasicPermission.

The name for a BasicPermission is the name of the given permission (for example, "exit", "setFactory", "print.queueJob", etc.). The naming convention follows the hierarchical property naming convention. An asterisk may appear by itself, or if immediately preceded by a "." may appear at the end of the name, to signify a wildcard match. For example, "*" and "java.*" signify a wildcard match, while "*java", "a*b", and "java*" do not.

The action string (inherited from Permission) is unused. Thus, BasicPermission is commonly used as the base class for "named" permissions (ones that contain a name but no actions list; you either have the named permission or you don't.) Subclasses may implement actions on top of BasicPermission, if desired.

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