Module java.base

Interface Principal

All Known Subinterfaces:
GroupPrincipal, UserPrincipal
All Known Implementing Classes:
HttpPrincipal, Identity, IdentityScope, JMXPrincipal, KerberosPrincipal, LdapPrincipal, NTDomainPrincipal, NTSid, NTSidDomainPrincipal, NTSidGroupPrincipal, NTSidPrimaryGroupPrincipal, NTSidUserPrincipal, NTUserPrincipal, Signer, UnixNumericGroupPrincipal, UnixNumericUserPrincipal, UnixPrincipal, UserPrincipal, X500Principal

public interface Principal
This interface represents the abstract notion of a Principal, which can be used to represent any entity, such as an individual, a corporation, and a login id.
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