Module java.base

Class PKIXCertPathBuilderResult

All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, CertPathBuilderResult, CertPathValidatorResult

public class PKIXCertPathBuilderResult extends PKIXCertPathValidatorResult implements CertPathBuilderResult
This class represents the successful result of the PKIX certification path builder algorithm. All certification paths that are built and returned using this algorithm are also validated according to the PKIX certification path validation algorithm.

Instances of PKIXCertPathBuilderResult are returned by the build method of CertPathBuilder objects implementing the PKIX algorithm.

All PKIXCertPathBuilderResult objects contain the certification path constructed by the build algorithm, the valid policy tree and subject public key resulting from the build algorithm, and a TrustAnchor describing the certification authority (CA) that served as a trust anchor for the certification path.

Concurrent Access

Unless otherwise specified, the methods defined in this class are not thread-safe. Multiple threads that need to access a single object concurrently should synchronize amongst themselves and provide the necessary locking. Multiple threads each manipulating separate objects need not synchronize.

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