Module java.desktop

Class PrinterStateReasons

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, Map<PrinterStateReason,Severity>, Attribute, PrintServiceAttribute

public final class PrinterStateReasons extends HashMap<PrinterStateReason,Severity> implements PrintServiceAttribute
Class PrinterStateReasons is a printing attribute class, a set of enumeration values, that provides additional information about the printer's current state, i.e., information that augments the value of the printer's PrinterState attribute.

Instances of PrinterStateReason do not appear in a Print Service's attribute set directly. Rather, a PrinterStateReasons attribute appears in the Print Service's attribute set. The PrinterStateReasons attribute contains zero, one, or more than one PrinterStateReason objects which pertain to the Print Service's status, and each PrinterStateReason object is associated with a Severity level of REPORT (least severe), WARNING, or ERROR (most severe). The printer adds a PrinterStateReason object to the Print Service's PrinterStateReasons attribute when the corresponding condition becomes true of the printer, and the printer removes the PrinterStateReason object again when the corresponding condition becomes false, regardless of whether the Print Service's overall PrinterState also changed.

Class PrinterStateReasons inherits its implementation from class java.util.HashMap. Each entry in the map consists of a PrinterStateReason object (key) mapping to a Severity object (value):

Unlike most printing attributes which are immutable once constructed, class PrinterStateReasons is designed to be mutable; you can add PrinterStateReason objects to an existing PrinterStateReasons object and remove them again. However, like class java.util.HashMap, class PrinterStateReasons is not multiple thread safe. If a PrinterStateReasons object will be used by multiple threads, be sure to synchronize its operations (e.g., using a synchronized map view obtained from class java.util.Collections).

IPP Compatibility: The string values returned by each individual PrinterStateReason object's and the associated Severity object's toString() methods, concatenated together with a hyphen ("-") in between, gives the IPP keyword value. The category name returned by getName() gives the IPP attribute name.

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