Module java.desktop

Interface TargetDataLine

All Superinterfaces:
AutoCloseable, DataLine, Line

public interface TargetDataLine extends DataLine
A target data line is a type of DataLine from which audio data can be read. The most common example is a data line that gets its data from an audio capture device. (The device is implemented as a mixer that writes to the target data line.)

Note that the naming convention for this interface reflects the relationship between the line and its mixer. From the perspective of an application, a target data line may act as a source for audio data.

The target data line can be obtained from a mixer by invoking the getLine method of Mixer with an appropriate DataLine.Info object.

The TargetDataLine interface provides a method for reading the captured data from the target data line's buffer. Applications that record audio should read data from the target data line quickly enough to keep the buffer from overflowing, which could cause discontinuities in the captured data that are perceived as clicks. Applications can use the available method defined in the DataLine interface to determine the amount of data currently queued in the data line's buffer. If the buffer does overflow, the oldest queued data is discarded and replaced by new data.

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