Module java.logging

Class StreamHandler

Direct Known Subclasses:
ConsoleHandler, FileHandler, SocketHandler

public class StreamHandler extends Handler
Stream based logging Handler.

This is primarily intended as a base class or support class to be used in implementing other logging Handlers.

LogRecords are published to a given

Configuration: By default each StreamHandler is initialized using the following LogManager configuration properties where <handler-name> refers to the fully-qualified class name of the handler. If properties are not defined (or have invalid values) then the specified default values are used.

  • <handler-name>.level specifies the default level for the Handler (defaults to Level.INFO).
  • <handler-name>.filter specifies the name of a Filter class to use (defaults to no Filter).
  • <handler-name>.formatter specifies the name of a Formatter class to use (defaults to java.util.logging.SimpleFormatter).
  • <handler-name>.encoding the name of the character set encoding to use (defaults to the default platform encoding).

For example, the properties for StreamHandler would be:

  • java.util.logging.StreamHandler.level=INFO
  • java.util.logging.StreamHandler.formatter=java.util.logging.SimpleFormatter

For a custom handler, e.g., the properties would be: