Interface PlatformManagedObject

All Known Subinterfaces:
BufferPoolMXBean, ClassLoadingMXBean, CompilationMXBean, FlightRecorderMXBean, GarbageCollectorMXBean, GarbageCollectorMXBean, HotSpotDiagnosticMXBean, MemoryManagerMXBean, MemoryMXBean, MemoryPoolMXBean, OperatingSystemMXBean, OperatingSystemMXBean, PlatformLoggingMXBean, RuntimeMXBean, ThreadMXBean, ThreadMXBean, UnixOperatingSystemMXBean

public interface PlatformManagedObject
A platform managed object is a JMX MXBean for monitoring and managing a component in the Java platform. Each platform managed object has a unique object name for the platform MBeanServer access. All platform MXBeans will implement this interface.

Note: The platform MXBean interfaces (i.e. all subinterfaces of PlatformManagedObject) are implemented by the Java platform only. New methods may be added in these interfaces in future Java SE releases. In addition, this PlatformManagedObject interface is only intended for the management interfaces for the platform to extend but not for applications.

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