Interface ClassLoaderRepository

public interface ClassLoaderRepository

Instances of this interface are used to keep the list of ClassLoaders registered in an MBean Server. They provide the necessary methods to load classes using the registered ClassLoaders.

The first ClassLoader in a ClassLoaderRepository is always the MBean Server's own ClassLoader.

When an MBean is registered in an MBean Server, if it is of a subclass of ClassLoader and if it does not implement the interface PrivateClassLoader, it is added to the end of the MBean Server's ClassLoaderRepository. If it is subsequently unregistered from the MBean Server, it is removed from the ClassLoaderRepository.

The order of MBeans in the ClassLoaderRepository is significant. For any two MBeans X and Y in the ClassLoaderRepository, X must appear before Y if the registration of X was completed before the registration of Y started. If X and Y were registered concurrently, their order is indeterminate. The registration of an MBean corresponds to the call to MBeanServer.registerMBean(java.lang.Object, or one of the MBeanServer.createMBean methods.

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