Module jdk.dynalink

Class GuardingDynamicLinkerExporter

All Implemented Interfaces:

public abstract class GuardingDynamicLinkerExporter extends Object implements Supplier<List<GuardingDynamicLinker>>
A class acting as a supplier of guarding dynamic linkers that can be automatically loaded by other language runtimes. Language runtimes wishing to export their own linkers should subclass this class and implement the Supplier.get() method to return a list of exported linkers and declare the subclass in /META-INF/services/jdk.dynalink.linker.GuardingDynamicLinkerExporter resource of their distribution (typically, JAR file) so that dynamic linker factories can discover them using the ServiceLoader mechanism. Note that instantiating this class is tied to a security check for the RuntimePermission("dynalink.exportLinkersAutomatically") when a security manager is present, to ensure that only trusted runtimes can automatically export their linkers into other runtimes.
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