Build Cloud Native Java Applications with Micronaut and GraalVM


This workshop is for Java Developers looking to start building Java applications with Micronaut, GraalVM, Oracle Autonomous Database in Oracle Cloud. The workshop features several labs.

About Micronaut

Micronaut is an innovative server side Java technology that precomputes your framework infrastructure at compilation time. Micronaut can be combined with GraalVM Native Image to build cloud native Java applications that use less memory and CPU, are smaller and faster because of an advanced ahead-of-time compilation technology.

Micronaut also includes a persistence framework called Micronaut Data that precomputes your SQL queries at compilation time making it a great fit for working with Autonomous Database.

About GraalVM

GraalVM is a high performance JDK distribution, built on trusted and secure Oracle Java SE, designed to accelerate application performance while consuming fewer resources. It offers two ways to run Java applications: on the HotSpot JVM with the Graal just-in-time (JIT) compiler or as an ahead-of-time (AOT) compiled native exectuable.

Lab Contents

In this lab you will:

Estimated Workshop Time: 60 minutes

NOTE: Whenever you see the laptop icon you will need to perform an action such as entering a command or editing a file.

# The box under the icon will tell you what to do.

To copy a command, hover over the field and then click the copy to clipboard icon.

To paste a copied command in a terminal window, right click and select the Paste option from the context menu. If you prefer keyboard shortcuts instead, use CTRL+SHIFT+V.

Technologies Used

More Learning Resources

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