Get Started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Free Tier


Oracle Cloud Free Tier provides a free time-limited promotional trial that allows you to explore a wide range of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure products and a set of Always Free offers that never expire. You can use Oracle Cloud Free Tier to try out one of our tutorials in an actual Oracle Cloud environment.


In this lab, you’ll:


For security purposes, most users will need a mobile phone number and a credit card to create an account. Your credit card will not be charged unless you upgrade your account.

Sign up for Oracle Cloud Free Tier

  1. Open a new browser window and go to the following URL:

  2. Follow the instructions to sign up for your Free Tier account.

    Note: During signup, choose your home region carefully. You can provision Always Free Autonomous Databases only in your home region.

    When you finish signing up, you’ll be redirected to the Oracle Cloud sign-in page. You also get an email with your Oracle Cloud Free Tier account credentials.

Sign in to the Oracle Cloud Console

  1. Open the email you received, and click the link for your new Cloud Account.

  2. Sign in to the Oracle Cloud Console, using the credentials in the email.

    From the Oracle Cloud Console, you can access all the available Oracle Cloud services and track your usage.

Launch Your Always Free Resources

Oracle offers you the ability to automatically create a full set of Always Free resources in a few minutes using the Resource Manager service’s sample solutions feature. Solutions are pre-built Terraform configurations that help you easily create sets of resources used in common scenarios using a single, simple workflow.

When you provision your Always Free resources using the provided sample solution, your resources are created with the settings and configuration you need to start creating applications in the cloud. You don’t need to have experience with Terraform to use the sample solution.

  1. Log into your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account.

  2. Open the navigation menu. Under Solutions and Platform, go to Resource Manager and click Stacks.

  3. Click the Create Stack button to open the Create Stack dialog.

  4. In the Create Stack dialog, click Sample Solution.

  5. Click Select Solution to browse available solutions.

  6. Select the checkbox for Sample E-Commerce Application.

  7. Click Select Solution.

  8. Optionally, provide a name for the new stack. If you don’t provide a name, a default name is provided on the server.

  9. Optionally, provide a description for the stack.

  10. Optionally, select a different compartment from your current compartment in which to create the stack. To do so, select a compartment from the Create In Compartment drop-down.

  11. Click Next to proceed to the Configure Variables panel.

  12. The variables displayed in the Configure Variables panel are auto-populated from the Terraform file that you uploaded. You don’t need to change these variables if you are provisioning your Always Free resources using the Terraform file provided by Oracle.

  13. Click Next to proceed to the Review panel.

  14. Verify your stack configuration, then click Create to create your stack.

Your set of Always Free resources should take no more than a few minutes to provision.

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